Other Practitioners

Giles Charlé is a Master level Balanzu Way practitioner and teacher in Portland, OR, with an M.A. in Conflict Transformation. Giles has a unique background in conflict resolution, co-counseling, and has been practicing energywork for almost a decade. He specializes in men’s work, journeying, soul retrieval, and engaging with spirit from an anti-oppression lens. See more about Giles and his work at www.gilescharle.com, or reach him directly at 503-852-1025.

Gabriella Weaver is a Balanzu Way practitioner in Portland, OR. Gabriella is gifted at deep listening, beyond words, to recognize and validate what her client’s heart and spirit are aching to express. Gabriella specializes in guiding folks struggling with boundaries and direction towards cultivating grounded self-confidence, creative power, and trust in their unique path. Primarily using communication with other realms, astrological divination, and inner-child/higher-self journeys, Gabriella works to support clients in shifting old patterns and releasing energetic blocks for ongoing transformation. For more details visit www.ajnagabriella.com, or reach her directly at ajnagabriella@gmail.com.  

Aspen Devillier 

Chaski K’uychi 

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