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Crossing over

Most people find themselves dealing with weird occurrences or things that go bump in the night at some point in time. Sometimes it’s just stagnant energy from daily issues, or energetic ‘echoes’ from something that happened in the space that needs to be cleansed. Other times it may actually be human spirits attached to a house that need counseling or help to cross over to the other side. More rarely, there may be insidious or malevolent entities attached to a particular person instead of a space, that may have to be convinced to move on more forcefully.

Whatever the case, I can remove whatever is troubling you, and can help teach you how to protect yourself and your space in future. I’ve even worked with sensitive children and adolescents; sometimes the ‘monsters under the bed’ are real. When you call me for a consultation, I can psychically check what’s going on for you, and can let you know what I see and what it’s going to take to clear it. And, if you really are just jumping at shadows and there’s nothing there, I’ll tell you that honestly, too.

House cleansings are a flat rate of $300, which includes my time for travel, teaching, cleansing, permanent house protection if needed, follow-up support, supplies such as smudge, and an honorarium for gas within a 15-mile radius of Portland. Take heart: I know how invasive and troubling it can be to not feel safe or comfortable in your home. When I come out, I’ll take however much time is needed to make sure your space is clear, and I guarantee my work.

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