Shamanic Healing Sessions

My shamanic healing sessions are the heart of what I do. They blend my intuitive gifts with many tools in the shamanic arts, including energywork, holistic touch, and meditation/hypnosis, alongside my training in Western clinical psychology. I do a lot of energy and soul retrieval, cord-cutting, clearing of old blocks and wounds, channeling of the past and future in ways that are useful to the present, and just offering practical, down-to-earth counseling and support as you need it. I work closely with the spirits and the Other Side, letting their wisdom guide me, and passing on messages from your guides, ancestors, and higher self, helping connect you more deeply with your spirituality and life’s purpose.

As a shamanic practitioner, I honor all my relations as my teachers, and may work with stones and herbs in my practice, along with drumming and vocalizing, and a connection to the land and spirits. In addition, my empathic gifts allow me to listen not only to your words, but also to the unspoken language of your heart, so that I can understand your joys and troubles at the deepest level. There is something powerfully transformative about having an ally who can be with you in your darkest hour, with loving compassion, while holding, like a torch, an unwavering vision of the best you that you can be. Together, we can walk into the light, and I’ll be right beside you the whole way, with care and support, and all the tools I have to offer. Transformation begins now: let’s get to work!

My Specialty: Healing the Wounded Healer

“The cure for pain is what’s in the pain. Good and bad mixed.” -Rumi

I specialize in healing wounded healers, and I work almost exclusively with folks in helping professions, or those-in-becoming who are interested in developing their capacity for intuitive or healing work. (If you’re interested in receiving my style of shamanic work, but this doesn’t describe you, I have a number of amazing apprentices and colleagues I’ve trained, who specialize in many other things. Feel free to check out the page of other practitioners in the Balanzu Way, my healing tradition, to see if one might be a good fit for you.) If you feel called to serve humanity in some way, but you’re not sure if this path is for you, try reading, “Am I a Wounded Healer?”  .

There’s a predictable arc of learning and growth that we go through as wounded healers. For many of us, we’re drawn to healing fields just to figure out how to move through our own pain. Once we have some handle on that, many of us realize that the dysfunctional environments we were raised in, or the difficult things that damaged us also gave us increased capacity to be aware of the suffering of others, and an intuitive understanding of what to do about it. Our work healing ourselves also gives us the tools to help others figure out how to do it for themselves, too. Thus the wounded healer is born.

The gifts of the wounded healer, like all gifts, come as a double-edged sword. The same urge to care for others, which can do so much good in the world, can also lead us to over-giving to the point of our own burn-out, exhaustion, or lack of wellness. In order to be effective in the world, and in our own lives, we need to learn to set boundaries, to protect and clear ourselves energetically, to engage in healthy relationships, and to move through the last of our own trauma and dysfunctional patterns, so that we can embody wellness, rather than giving it away in support of others’. We also need to deepen relationship with our spiritual practice, and with our team of spirit guides, so that we can be moving in alignment with our life’s purpose, in service to the highest good of all (which includes ourselves).

This is the process I’ll help walk you through in our time together, so that you’re ready to go out into the world and offer your gifts, whether as a professional, or just in your own life. Our world is desperately in need of each of us coming into our full power and light, so that we can help others do the same. Ready to work? Give me a call.

Common Issues
♦ Addiction, partners with addiction
♦ ADHD, partners with ADHD                              ♦ Psychic awakening
♦ Anxiety                                                                    ♦ Relationship issues
♦ Attachment issues                                                 ♦ Schizophrenia
♦ Co-dependence                                                      ♦ Sexuality and sexual orientation
♦ Depression                                                              ♦ Spirit or entity attachments
♦ Gender identity
♦ Grief                                                                Special Populations
♦ Past life issues                                                        Healers, empaths, and intuitives
♦ PTSD/Trauma (soul loss)                                    Gifted adults and children
–Accidents                                                                 LGBTQI2
–Child abuse                                                             Native folk and people of color
–Recovery from narcissistic partners                  Polyamory community
–Sexual assault or molestation                              BDSM/kink/sex-positive community

Shamanic healing sessions are offered as 1-hour appointments, every two weeks. Sessions are $140 an hour, with a sliding scale to $100 offered to BIPOC, LGBTQ, and low-income individuals. I also have highly qualified apprentices whose scales slide from $60-100 per session. It’s important to me that this work be available to anyone who needs it, so please text me at 503-683-3085 and let’s find the right practitioner for you! 

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