Basic Spiritual Principles

Here are some basic foundations from which I work:

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Being in spirit is our natural state—we are only in bodies for one purpose: to learn and grow. Sometimes we manifest issues in our physical or emotional health to help us learn, or to draw attention to our greater life lessons. Sometimes we carry traumas from past lives into our current bodies. Usually, the problems we’ve manifested will not clear up until the underlying issues in the energy body are addressed. However, once problems have reached our physical and mental health, these need care in addition to the spirit. This is why I work in a holistic manner that involves heart, mind, and body as well as spirit.

We have all lived before, and will live again. When we come into an embodied life, we’re given the gift of amnesia of our previous lives, so that, as much as possible, we can start from a clean slate. But, even if we’re not consciously aware of it, we carry all of our past lives with us, just as we carry baggage in this life from one relationship to the next. These past life imprints can act on us in unconscious ways, particularly when they’re traumatic. They can show up as chronic or unexplainable pain, illness, fears and phobias, and retraumatizing events. Past life imprints also affect gender identity, family dynamics, and relationship issues. Finding the origin of our issues in a past life can bring about insight and relief, just as it can when confronting and overcoming issues in our current life. Sometimes this is the only thing that will help.

You are the author of your own reality. We all face socially-constructed realities we cannot overcome, particularly the dynamics of race, class, gender, and other forms of discrimination and social violence. But within the gears of socially-constructed reality is the reality that you have chosen to author for yourself. As souls, we choose to be born into our body, family, country, and other circumstances for our learning—and it is our job to figure out why. We also, for the most part, create contracts or agreements with souls we have known before to play out various roles with each other, including dysfunctional or violent ones. Sometimes, however, traumatic events happen that weren’t in our original life’s plan, or they happen and we’re overwhelmed by the amount of pain we experience. Whether we agreed in the soul realm to have these experiences or not, it doesn’t excuse the actions of the perpetrator/s of abuse or assault, or change their accountability for what they’ve done. It also doesn’t change the very real pain, suffering, anger, depression, and other reactions you may have gone through in response to these events. But it does invite us to look at how we can learn from our pain and transform it, in order to have more strength, insight, and care for ourselves and the world.

There are beings in spirit that watch over, protect, and try to help each individual unfold their life plan. Call them angels, totems, or guardians, each person has spirit guides that assist us. When you have intuitive feelings, profound inspiration or insight, synchronistic happenings, etc.—that is usually our guides at work. Guides are not infallible, but they do have a greater ability to see your life plan, and a commitment to helping you achieve your highest good. During our session, your guides will be communicating directly with me to pass on messages, information, and encouragement to you. Sometimes an ancestor or another loved one in spirit may wish to do so as well, and I will facilitate these.

Last, everyone has a Higher, or Divine Self. This is the part of ourselves that is still in spirit, that is able to see the higher picture of our soul growth. Our Higher Self is the greater authority on where we are in that path, where we need to be going, our past/future, and our true soul characteristics.


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