Advanced Entity Shielding Techniques

In the early days of dealing with entities, my guides taught me not to engage in any way, just to repel or remove and entrap them as swiftly as possible. To look at or feel into them just opened pathways in my energy field for them to thread in deeper, because I wasn’t yet strong enough, or in control of my emotions enough to not get hijacked that way. But after years of being tortured by and fighting entities on a daily basis, I generally have enough self-awareness and control to feel them the instant they get into my mind, and to go, ‘oh, you’re pushing that button again? How interesting,’ with amusement and some pity as I calmly remove them. Because I’m more immune to them than I’ve ever been, I began to think that those old rules might not be necessary anymore, and that it might be helpful to start engaging with them, to learn more about them and how they work. Know thy enemy, right?

Thus, here are some additional, maybe somewhat advanced entity clearing techniques I’ve been working with, to help us all right now. Many of these rely on a deep ease and equanimity in removing entities, and the capacity to stay grounded and unmoved in the face of these beings stabbing the most tender and wounded parts of your psyche. If the presence of entities still causes you fear or consistently stirs up significant distress, maybe work on releasing the kinds of things they tend to go after (bye bye, entity fodder!) and practicing that calm and control for a moment before you do remove them. Practice that for awhile before trying to engage any of these techniques.


As ya’ll well know, we aren’t allowed to kill entities with anger or violence, or it just rains down an equal and opposite reaction of anger and violence from other entities of their species. However, I discovered we can ‘uncreate’ them with love, using the vast energy of the Source. To uncreate them, I really have to get myself to this big, loving place, which can be harder than it sounds when entities are jabbing your brain. Then I open this big wave of energy from Source with the intention to uncreate them. Sometimes I throw it like a usual bubble around me and in all the cords to catch them where they’re attached, sometimes I experiment with infusing myself and all my cords with it from the inside out. In my minds eye, when the energy touches them, it’s like I can watch the entity being dragged backwards through time, dissolving smaller and smaller until there’s just a fizzling spark left that returns to the Source. As that happens, I intend that their uncreation should release the energy of anyone they’ve taken it from, and that the process should undo any damage they’ve done to any being throughout time. This feels like the ultimate solution to how often we get dogged by entities, particularly the same ones who figure out how to escape the traps and various things we try to corral them in.

It also is of benefit to the rest of the world; at least we know that those particular entities won’t be bothering us or anyone else ever again. It’s a compassionate move towards entities as well, we don’t engage in fighting or feeding them, we just reset them and allow their energy to become clear and loving again, to try at incarnating again in another form. The only thing is that I’ve found using this alone doesn’t necessarily clear the dark parts, pieces, poo and goo still left in my own body, and I still use the black space invader layer to suck that out after I’ve uncreated them. Just today, I tried uncreating the poo and goo and my own feelings that they stirred up, after they’d gone, and that seemed to work okay, too.

Raise the vibration

It’s gonna sound like super new age woo, but those dark shits hate love and light. It’s like acid to them. So when I’m feeling lazy, or just feel like engaging a different tactic, I’ll breathe and drop in and think about raising my vibration (achoo! Sorry, new age allergy, but in this case true), up to this high whine in my own mind. I see my energy getting brighter until it’s a white so bright it’s blinding to look at, and just make it all expansive and lovey. If I do that, and nothing else, they’ll startle away like a flock of birds that have been disturbed by something, and it’s one of the few things I’ve found that can get them to voluntarily leave.

Become their worst nightmare (while raising the vibration)

Maybe it’s a little sadistic of me, or maybe it’s just smart warrior strategy, but I started thinking about using entities’ own techniques against them. One of the things they love to do is to get inside our minds, find our weak spots, and push those buttons for all they’re worth while they fill us with darkness. So one day I got curious and thought: what is it that entities fear? What is the worst nightmare of a nightmare? And do you know what I found? It’s ‘love n’ light’ ya’ll. Sometimes those new agers do get some things right. Disclaimer: I’ve heard that this can be a little disturbing for those with light stomachs, so step out if that’s you, or if you don’t need to deal with entities on the daily. But for those of us who’ve been at war with entities our whole lives, and have been tortured in very personal and inhuman ways, you know that war is not pretty, and we do what we need to, to protect ourselves.

With each kind of entity, I began by mentally clamping onto them at their insertion points so they couldn’t get away. I did this not from anger or fear, but in a state of peace and equanimity, and a calm, detached compassion. That internal state is really key, or it doesn’t work. I started raising the light/vibration in my body until they started recoiling from me and struggling to get away. I searched into their minds and found in each one a particular spot where pinpointing that love n’ light caused the maximum amount of ‘pain’, terror, and desire to flee. I hold them there flooding them with light until I can hear/feel them ‘screaming’, and then when they’re really desperate to leave, I tell them to clear all their poo and goo out of my body, to give back all the energy they’ve taken from me, and to go back and tell others of their species not to fuck with me, or my people, or I will uncreate them all back to the beginning of time. And I flash in my mind the fizzling sparks I’ve uncreated of others so they’re clear what I mean. By this point, I’ve felt them desperately following all my instructions and have experienced the clearing of gunk and return of my energy. Once that’s done, I release my hold on them, and they streak away like screaming mimis as fast as they can.

Before this, all my entity clearing techniques were based on defensive strategies to avoid or keep them at bay. This was the first thing I felt that made them want to leave and avoid me (and my people), but also not want to retaliate, because we now do have an ultimate solution. So that’s how I figured out how to be the nightmare of a nightmare. And it’s all love n’ light, ya’ll, just not used in the way most new agers would expect.

It’s also different to attempt to send messages back with them, but it’s a new strategy I’m trying to see if it’s more effective to leave one alive to carry back tales of terror to their comrades, or if it’s better to just uncreate all of them. This feels like some pretty advanced entanglement with entities, and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have significant control over your emotions and energy movement. But I did want to offer it out, in case you’ve tried everything and are otherwise at a loss.

Using your own energy signature to find them

The other things entities often do is to use the resonance of their own energy signature to breach our shields if we’ve forgotten to expel any tiny scrap of their poo n goo. They just connect to that again like a Trojan horse, from anywhere in the universe we’ve managed to throw them, find us and reattach again. So I thought…why couldn’t the reverse be true? Could I track an entity anywhere in space/time that had been attached to me and had taken my energy, if it still had my energy signature on it? Could I not also connect to it, and task a giant skadoosh of uncreation energy to take out any entity, anywhere in the universe, that had my energy signature on it, by linking to it? Yes, I discovered, yes I could. You can run, you buggers, but you can’t hide…

 Using the Skadoosh

As I started experimenting with doing different things with the uncreation energy, I started expanding beyond the notion of my single bubble. What I’ve honestly struggled with most is entities attaching to people close to me who aren’t shielding, or aren’t as on top of their shielding as I am. Because cords are designed and meant to flow, they’re easier to breach than the walls of my shield. So entities attach to unshielded people in my life and use the weak spots at our cords to come through to me. They also use those attachments to people I care about to create distress or discord in our relationships, that can easily spin me more than anything else they can do to me right now, by getting at me directly. Especially when the folks involved can’t tell that they’re under the influence of entities, and really take the feelings as their own, and in that state, really won’t listen to me. It’s devious and particularly frustrating, because I can’t always impress on every single person in my life the necessity of shielding like their (or my) life depends upon it, even though it kind of does. So it sometimes leaves me in a moment of trying to clear entities from multiple people at once who are in my intimate circle, while I’m getting hit myself. If I get myself clear, but not them, my cords get breached and I’m hit again instantly. If I try to clear them one at a time, it’s like whack-a-mole, by the time I’m done with one, my cord filters have been breached by attachments from someone else.

At one point last year, Manzabouxu, our shapeshifter trickster, showed me that I could shield multiple people all at once, and that it wasn’t harder than doing myself, I just had to imagine the flow of energy sort of hitting a diverter that poured it into and around all of us at once. It took some practice, but I was able to manage that. I did and do sometimes struggle with the ethics of whether I should be clearing someone else who’s not working as hard (or at all) at clearing themselves as they should be. But because their relationship with me is a risk factor that attracts more entities to them, and when it directly impacts me in terms of my shields getting compromised, I feel like I sometimes have to in order to keep myself clear. It’s a place where interdependence and codependence kind of bump up against each other, but I also do the work of asking/encouraging folks to be responsible for shielding themselves, and stepping back from the relationship and cutting cords if they’re not willing to engage in it in at least a good faith effort.

I’ve also watched that the way entities move through cords impacts our entire community because of the ways we’re all connected, i.e. we’re in an intricate spider web of interrelating energetic cords, which means that if one of us goes down, it provides an access point to breach the entire system. This, plus the expanding amount of people in my life who are getting hit, and just the intensifying daily levels of entity activity over the last years and months has lead me to thinking of bigger and more systemic ways of clearing. So I began to wonder…if entities can get to us through the cords, why couldn’t we get to them in the same way? This is how I discovered the skadoosh.

This ridiculous term is taken from the movie Kung Fu Panda, which was not the origin of the technique, but the best visual description I could find for what I’ve been doing. And yes, here’s my newest core entity clearing practice, taught to you through cartoons. Cause yeah, that’s the kind of teacher I am. You’re welcome. Watch first, then read.

Cultivating the right mindset for the skadoosh and dealing with entity hordes.

How I actually imagine the skadoosh in my mind and energy field.

Collective clearing techniques

If you watched the last clip, that’s exactly how I perceive being ground zero for a giant shockwave of energy. I personally have to breathe and build up to this one, because it does feel like it takes a little more energy than a pinky flex (but perhaps that’s just in my mind, maybe it’s exactly as easy as a pinky flex). I imagine that endless sea of the Source above me, then I open a giant channel of uncreation Source energy to pour through me, and I supernova it out into that giant skadoosh around me. I send it out like a shockwave on an ocean, that continues to gain momentum all the way across the sea, through all my cords to everyone connected to me, through all their cords to everyone they’re connected to, and so on, clearing and uncreating every entity from anyone within the radius of my supernova, which currently includes all my family members and everyone in TRiBE, and anyone ya’ll are connected to.

So, that’s how I’ve figured out how to clear craploads of people at once, which will sometimes give me, like, five minutes of peace. But if we were all doing a skadoosh once a day, and we could get twenty people doing that for each other, then our clearing work would be twenty times more effective, while we each only have to put in two minutes of work. And if we staggered it throughout the day, anyone who’s shields might have been breached during that day would have a lot of support to be recleared, maybe even before they realized they were hijacked. But certainly it might keep any of us from going too far down the entity spiral, or stirring up too much shit between any of us as has been happening for some years now. Separate, we are divided and easy take out. Because as I mentioned to someone else who was like, ‘if you’re such an entity expert, why are you constantly getting attachments?’—because there’s one of me, and like 4 billion of them. And they don’t have to raise a toddler and see clients and cook dinner and have a life, all they have to do is throw their expendable selves on my sword until they can crawl over the bodies of their comrades and at least one of them gets through. Because if any of our lights go out, that is a big win for them, and a way for them to move more unencumbered in our world, without those of us who can take them down. So let’s weave this shit together. Because the kind of blinding light we could bring, and the strength of that circle would be so fierce if we were interweaving it. Just like willow withes, shaping a strong hoop.

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