Jai Medina $165/hr

Student Clinic sessions: $85/45 min

All of us in the Balanzu Way understand that the commitment of money to this work can be challenging for lots of folks, and we want to make sure our form of healing is accessible and affordable to all. All of our sessions in the Balanzu Way offer a sliding scale from $20-40 down for low income folks, however, those slots are limited, and there are requirements for them. Please see my Sliding Scale Philosophy for more information on that.

Through the apprentices I work with, I can offer spots at generally 50% of the normal rate of any therapist or practitioner. That’s because the student I’m working with is paying the other half of my hourly fee to have me supervise and train them. These sessions are shorter by 15 minutes, so that I have time to discuss and go over things with my apprentice in that last amount of time. It’s a non-local version of our student clinic, as many massage or counseling programs offer, to benefit folks who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford even my sliding scale rates, and to help someone learn and come into the field.

In clinic sessions, I may either be working with you directly while the student observes or assists, or vice versa. Eventually the student may work with you one on one without my supervision if I deem they have the necessary skills and are ready for that step. These spots are very limited and may require a bit of extra time and effort to coordinate everyone’s schedules and to see if I can find the right fit between one of my apprentices and the potential client.

We know you’re here to change the world. So are we. Let’s figure out how to foster collective ways of supporting everyone’s wellness–yours, ours, each other’s. That’s the Balanzu Way. We hope we can be of service to you. ❤️

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