How to Protect Yourself from Entities

If you’re wanting to know more about what entities are and how they work, see my other article on What are Entities?. If you already, unfortunately, know more than you wish to about entities, and just want to get rid of them, this is the page for you. These are some of the boiled down techniques and understandings I’ve gleaned in years of clearing entities from myself and others.

When dealing with these kinds of beings, I offer a three-pronged approach. The first part is about preparing ourselves and developing the right mindset to be strong and get us through this. The second, and main tool we have, is working with a somewhat sophisticated layer of shielding, consistently and comprehensively. The third part is about working with our environment, guides, etc. to gain additional support. The final part is about troubleshooting and getting back on the horse if and when we end up with another entity attachment, and need to figure out how it happened, and how to prevent it in future.

Preliminary work

  1. You actually have to want to be clear from entities. Many times folks call me saying they’re seeking help from entities, but everything in their energybody and what I hear from their guides tells me that’s not true in a variety of ways. Sometimes we get stuck into old victim patterns, and want someone else to ‘fix’ us, but don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives; allowing ourselves to be victimized means we don’t have to, and serves something for us. Sometimes we don’t believe on some really deep level that we are worth fighting for (because you do have to be willing to dig in and fight for yourself if you deal with entities). The other thing I’ve seen, though less often, is that sometimes, as much as people complain about entities, they also feel special in a weird way from the attention, or from experiencing ‘supernatural’ stuff, and continue to stay open on some level because they don’t want to lose that. For folks struggling with these issues, I have a really strong conversation about these subconscious issues that might be working against them, and help them think about whether they’re actually ready to do what it takes to get clear. So, the first step is to make sure you *really* want to be rid of them, you’re ready to step into your power and take responsibility for your life, and you’re prepared to fight for yourself. Staying clear from entities is a daily, lifetime practice. It can be done, but it takes resolve, dedication, and true commitment, through all levels of the self.
  2. You have to be willing and able to manage your fear. The other most important preliminary work is banishing fear, and cultivating the right mindset to keep steady in the face of this kind of torment. Our own fears are entities’ greatest weapon against us, so if we can figure out how to manage that, we’ve gone a long way to making them toothless. Now, this takes some warrior work, because fear is bread and butter to an entity. As you might already know, it’s what they do best. They can invade your heart and mind and figure out what you fear most, or what will cause you the most distress, and they will go after that with a knife. When I first had entities coming after me at night, I experienced sleep paralysis, which I found frankly terrifying. However, it happened to me often enough that I eventually taught myself how to break the paralysis and wake myself up, then shield. I still remember the first time I really managed to do this. I was staying in the room of a friend’s daughter who was being terrorized by entities at night. I went to sleep in her bed that night prepared for battle, as it were. Predictably, I found myself in a dream space with these two entities, feeling awake and unable to move, but instead of feeling panicked or powerless, I just sort of rolled my eyes with a kind of ‘is this the best you’ve got?’ feeling, broke the paralysis, went back to the dreaming, and tossed the two of them out of the house. Panic and powerlessness are favorite places for entities to push us, but we don’t have to go there. Stirring up difficult emotional states is what entities want, so being in a place of bored equanimity is one of the best ways to combat them. This includes not getting angry or vengeful towards them, even if they are really messing with you; this just feeds into what they want, and gives them too much power. We simply treat them like an annoying mosquito buzzing around us. Mildly irritating, perhaps, but nothing to be too worried about. We just calmly put on our insect repellent (shields) and watch them head for other places. This calm equanimity is also about knowing we are always more powerful than they are, and we can handle anything that arises. In the beginning, if you’ve been terrorized by an entity for awhile or have dealt with some scary things, fear management may feel pretty challenging. However, being firm with yourself and cultivating a calm warrior mindset is a necessary part of being able to combat them effectively.
  3. Don’t call them in. When we think or talk about entities, we call them to us. So in addition to managing our fear, we also have to manage our wild thoughts. When I was first under attack by a trio of particularly persistent and difficult entities, it was like the instant I thought of them, they were there, especially if those thoughts were of how to rid myself of them. In time, I learned to use ‘codethink’ even within my own mind so that they wouldn’t catch on: when I would try to talk with my guides or other humans in my life, I discussed them as ‘flies’ and would even picture a fly in my mind very deliberately to cover over any stray thoughts that might signal them.
  4. Don’t be a buffet. At a base level, entities are coming to us wanting a delicious bevy of disturbed emotions on which to feed. So, if you’re all riled up about something, or if you’re filled with hate or fear, old wounds and trauma etc, then you are offering them a very tempting platter. So the more that we can calm and center and do our healing work to release our dark shit, the less interesting we become to them, and the less food we have to offer. This also gives them less to prey upon, which makes our lives easier as well.
  5. Do not engage, under any circumstances. It’s perhaps a little obvious, but don’t try to talk to, look at, get curious about, or reason with any entities. Any openness towards them will just be use against you. I had a very tender-hearted client who was like, ‘But shouldn’t we be compassionate and loving towards all beings?’ And I was like, ‘Uhhhh, no. Not these ones.’
  6. Remember that entities will do anything in their power to disconnect you from sources of healing and support. Entities frequently try to turn clients against me, or anyone who’s trying to help the person they’re attached to. When we’re hijacked, especially if we have some capacity to move energy, we can be incredibly dangerous to the people around us. That’s why I only take on clients when they’re really ready to do the work. Clients struggling with entities sometimes report they got a ‘bad’ feeling about coming to see me, or a sense that I’m untrustworthy or some general sense of impending doom and try to cancel the appointment. When we can work through it, and I get them to show up, after I clear the entities I’ve had folks be like, ‘Whoah, dude, I feel like a different person but that was crazy, I was convinced something bad was gonna happen.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah…to the entities.’ It’s also very common for hijacked folks to get confused and show up on the wrong day, at the wrong time, even the wrong place, or space it entirely. Calls drop when people are dealing with entities, crazy sounds come on the line, etc. Be aware if any of this stuff happens for you, remember it’s right and good to seek help and don’t let entity interference convince you otherwise.

Shielding from Entities

Entity shields require a different approach than the basic level shields I teach and work with. The base layer shield is great for dealing with human energy and human-oriented spirits, but similarly to how human spirits can just waltz right through the walls of our house unless we make a shield (i.e. put up walls) in their dimension, so also do we need to make a separate layer of shielding that can exist in whatever dimensions the entities exist in.

I know, it seems kind of complex. But the good news is that it’s actually really easy, because the energy will do whatever you tell it to do. You don’t have to know how to craft a shield in another dimension, you just have to tell the energy to figure it out, and with the help of your guides, it will.

What I experience is that some people never attract entities and generally won’t ever have to worry about it. That’s why I mostly teach my base layer shield. However, for those of us who do attract entities, I’m sorry to say that we will generally always attract their notice, and that means that shielding in a really tight and consistent way, and practicing good energy medicine hygiene must just become a part of our daily reality.

When I talk about shielding tight, what I mean is that entities are devious and incredibly persistent. Have you ever had an ant infestation in your house? Those little buggers always seems to find a way in until you can go to the source and get rid of them once and for all; this is often what it’s like with entities. If we leave the metaphoric backdoor or window open, even the tiniest crack, they will figure out how to get inside. Another metaphor is that it’s like a ship with a tiny hole or crack in a seam; if you can’t figure out where it is or how to plug it up, you’ll be constantly taking on water and bailing it out, lest the ship go down. Sometimes dealing with entities feels like that.

The other good news is: I’ve been dealing with them for many years now and have spent an equally devious and cunning amount of time sealing up every little crack they try to slip through, and figuring out how to get rid of them once and for all. It doesn’t mean that other entities don’t come to bother me; that’s the curse for the gift of being really clear to the world of spirit, but at least I don’t have to deal with that particular one again. This particular shielding process is something I teach and work with in person, and is here as reminder steps for my clients. Since I put it up, I’ve had people tell me they’ve tried it on their own without assistance. It’s intended to be guided the first time because my guides and I assist with helping ‘carving out the channels’ as it were for it to run properly, but you’re welcome to give it a try.

The “Space Invader” Shielding process

  1. Go through the steps to put up a basic shield here.
  2. Imagine a point inside a black hole that will trap anything inside it through all space and time.
  3. Take that point in space and imagine wrapping it as a separate layer all the way around the outside of your basic bubble shield, as well as around the outside of the cords of light above and below that feed your shield.
  4. Tell the shield that as it goes around you, if you already have any attachments, as it touches any part of an entity, it is immediately sucked out into space far, far away, never to return.
  5. Put the entity layer into all of your cord filters.
  6. Further program the shield that if any entity should send any kind of thought, energy, tentacle, anything your way, it will immediately be sucked out into space.
  7. Scan through your body and tell the shield that if there is any black crap left over from the entity, that it also be sucked out into space. I imagine what happens when they open the door in all the space movies, and there is that immediate, powerful vacuum.
  8. Likewise, if there are any pieces or parts of the entity (‘tentacles’, threads, etc.) or anything they they created to leave behind, like weird implant type things, they also get sucked out.
  9. Do a full body scan with the space vacuum to make sure you got everything.
  10. Run a drain on your own human emotions and release anything the entities may have stirred up in you.
  11. Tell it how long to stay up, and if you are having trouble, check and reshield frequently.

This is still a useful for shield to have in your arsenal of entity tools. However, I now use and teach the Uncreation Entity Shield, and I teach folks to do it first now, before the Base Layer human shield. Before trying the Uncreation shield, read Advanced Entity Techniques to get a more comprehensive understanding of what we’re doing with that.

Troubleshooting & Good Energy Hygiene

Here are some things to think about if you’re having trouble with your shield, or entities are still getting through.

  1. Double or triple shield yourself: self, room, house, land. I generally shield myself in two layers, and shield my house in two layers. If you live with a variety of roommates, you may be only able to shield your room, because it’s sometimes hard to hold the energy up when there are so many different folks coming and going. At times when it’s been really bad, I’ve shielded myself, each room separately, the entire house, and then my entire yard or land, each in multiple layers. This creates bubbles within bubbles, and just an extra variety of layers for entities to get through. Most people when dealing with entities might be navigating one or two at a time. For some folks and at certain times they might come as a deluge, and if so, these are the level of defenses you might need.
  2. Ask for help–land spirits, house, guides, allies, etc. It’s maybe a little obvious, but put out a plea to your guides to help protect you if you’re under attack. The guides are generally bound to a code of non-interference unless you directly ask for their protection. Similarly, there are often spirits attached to your land, your own ancestors to call upon, and even a house has its own spirit and integrity, all of which could assist you. I’ve discovered that tree spirits on my land really hate entities and will bounce them if asked. Ask for help from any benevolent being that will listen, daily. And don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ frequently, as well.
  3. Reduce or turn off all EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) in your vicinity. Modern day tech is probably the biggest culprit of shield interference. We are electromagnetic beings and our shields are electromagnetic creations that are impacted by other EMF nearby. If you are susceptible to entities, get rid of your microwave right now, or keep it unplugged unless using it. It should also be good policy for you to never carry your cell phone on your person if you can help it; keep it in a bag away from you if you have to, and in airplane mode as much as you can. A wifi router is also a big one; fitbits, or any Bluetooth device on or near your person is also going to be a problem. In our house, we turn off all cell phones, shut down tablets or computers, and unplug the wifi every night before bed. You can also buy timers to automatically turn it off and on every night. All of these devices use short or microwave frequencies to send information between them. For whatever reason, these kinds of frequencies are particularly damaging to shields, and can be a way for entities to tunnel through where they feel those weak spots, especially if they have all night while we’re sleeping to do it.
  4. Some folks are really profound dreamers and they ‘travel’ a lot, and end up with attachments when they wake up. This is because shields can only protect the areas they’re set to. So, if your spirit leaves your body and your room during your sleep, the shields won’t protect you if they’re set to protect just your body and room. If you’re waking up with entities and are trying everything else, tell your dreaming self to stay put, or create a shield from star energy to follow your dream body about in its travels.
  5. Put entity shields into your cord filters. These days, many folks I know are dealing with a particular brand of entities that like to stir up trouble by causing conflict in relationships. They attach to unshielded people, and then come at us through the cords, stirring up any negative feelings we may have towards one another. Generally, this happens through the power cord at our solar plexus. This one is super devious and took me awhile to figure out. If you’re experiencing this, ask your partner to shield regularly, and agree to check each other in conflict to stop and reshield if stuff is getting heated.
  6. Go into full lockdown. Stop talking with your guides or psychically ‘reaching out’ if you’re getting entities when you do. Sometimes people psychically broadcast without realizing it and are opening channels to anything on the other side. I know, we want our guides for help during these times, but we also don’t want to be throwing all our psychic doors and windows open trying to get to them, which defeats the purpose.
  7. Talk only to your higher self. If you are in a place of full psychic lockdown, the one place you can always access that can generally never get hijacked is in talking to your higher self. If you have no idea how, just try. If you feel like it invites more entities, go to lockdown.
  8. Get to running water. I discovered that running water generates its own electromagnetic field that acts almost like a barrier or dampener to the entities trying to get to me. It cleanses and repairs damaged energy, and is usually why humans are consistently drawn to the ocean or river, and why we feel so peaceful afterwards. There’s an old magical adage about spirits not being able to cross over water, and there is something to it. This even includes modern day pipes. The more rushing the water is, like whitewater or waterfalls, the better.
  9. Leave your house and get to nature. Because our shielding is damaged by electromagnetic shit, being farther from that in nature usually can get us some clarity. Entities also learn to look for us and track us in our houses. Sometimes just stepping outside or going anywhere else can get us a moment of relief, enough to get grounded and reshield. When I’m driving it usually takes them a second to catch, and when I travel, it might take them a day or two to find me.
  10. Don’t spend time with other folks who have entity attachments. If you know or suspect there are folks in your life who have attachments, reduce your contact with them as much as possible. Entities are like bedbugs: if you come into contact with a person or place that has them, they can easily transfer to you and follow you home.
  11. If all else fails, seek help. As mentioned before, just be aware that entities may mess with you or make you feel extra crazy when you try to seek help. They will often make calls drop or electronic media go awry, or implant ideas that the professional is untrustworthy, or you don’t need them; entities can also make you forget or get confused about the appointment time or when you’re supposed to show up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen all these things happen. Just persevere.  If I’m not available for one reason or another, read all the available material I have, keep searching for help elsewhere, and keep fighting for yourself.
  12. Remember: you are strong, you are powerful, you can do this! Good luck, friend, and gods speed.

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