Ultimate Human Energy and Entity Shield

If you’re reaching this randomly from the internet, instead of as a client working with me, you should read the other pages on entity stuff I have available first. I originally put these instructions up just to help current clients remember all the important steps after we’ve done the shielding together, because each tiny one is crucial, and I add more every day as I continue to battle-test this in the field.

Since then, people have told me they’ve come across it on the internet and tried it on their own, but found it doesn’t work the same as when they do it with me. That’s because this shield, like my human-layer shield, is designed as a direct-energy transmission, which means that I and my guides help ‘carve out the channels’ as it were for folks I work with. Because I can’t work with everyone these days, my guides are telling me that they’re going to do their best to help anyone reading this activate it. If I or another Balanzu Way practitioner is not available, your best bet is to clear yourself if you can, or find an energy healer in your area to clear you as much as possible before trying it (the clearer you are, the easier it is to move energy). But if you’re desperate, which is kind of how we all end up when dealing with entities, feel free to give it a go, and blessings and godspeed to you, friend.

  1. As with all shielding, breathe deep, drop in, do what you need to get centered.
  2. Imagine the energy of Source, from which we all come, to which we will all return, as a giant ocean of light out in the blackness of space.
  3. Feel that big love and compassion that is Source, and as if turning on a faucet, open a flow from Source to you. Allow that energy to run down towards the top of your head. As you do, tell that Source energy to uncreate any entities that may already be attached to you, and uncreate any that may try to reach for you once shielded, as you pop it out into a closed bubble all the way around you, with that umbilical cord of light from Source continuing to run.
  4. When we talk about ‘uncreating’, we imagine that entity being dragged backwards through time until they return to Source as if they never existed in the first place. For me, I imagine them shriveling and turning into a spark that returns to Source.
  5. We allow the bubble to completely fill with Source uncreation energy, into every particle of our spirit, every cell of our body. Tell the energy to uncreate any pieces or parts of entities left behind, any black stuff or goo.
  6. Uncreate any of your own thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations that have been stirred up by entities.
  7. Allow the uncreation energy to flow out through all of your cords to other people. You don’t have to know where they are or who they go to, just intend that the shield do it, up to the edge of the other person, to uncreate any energy left in the cords, or any entities that try to come to your through other people.
  8. We tell the shield to seal up any other holes or cracks or any other way for entities to access us, through all space and time.
  9. For folks who communicate with spirit frequently, I’ve discovered I have what I think of as psychic ‘antennae’ that extend beyond my personal bubble. Feel free to see if you have antennae and if it helps to infill them with uncreation energy, telling it to uncreate any entity that might try to communicate with you in any way.
  10. Do your second, human layer of shielding inside this layer.
  11. Imagine opening a flow of white, divine light from above, allowing it to rush down through the crown of your head, clear and strong like water, sweeping all the way through your body, and out through your feet. Allow it to clear and cleanse anything in its way.
  12. When that light is flowing clear and strong, shift it to the right-hand side of your body, flowing out your right foot only.
  13. Now imagine a flow of deep green energy, rushing up from the center of the earth like a geyser, shooting all the way up through your left foot, through the left side of your body, and out through the top of your head on the left side. Allow that energy to run clear and strong, clearing and cleansing anything in its way.
  14. When both channels are running strong, go ahead and release their separation, allowing them to form one channel, with the white energy and red energy flowing effortlessly past each other, a perfect conduit between earth and sky, because there’s no gravity or friction in the realm of spirit.
  15. When you’re ready, tell that energy to pop out into a bubble around you, a few feet above your head, and a few feet below your feet, with the cords of energy from above and below still flowing through and around it, feeding it like umbilical cords.
  16. See and feel the strong flow of energy around, and feel that shield like a soap bubble or membrane. Although it may look like a bubble, feel how strong and flexible it is, it’s like you could push against it with your hand and it would flex like a balloon.
  17. Imagine putting filtration into all your energetic cords to other people. You don’t have to know what the cords are or where they are, just imagine filling them with sand and gravel, earth’s most natural filtration, so that anything that comes through them is purified crystal clear.
  18. Program your shield and the cord filters not to allow any difficult or negative energies or emotions to pass through in either direction, either from you to others, or others to you, but to still allow love and goodness to flow freely both ways.
  19. Once all your shields and cord filters are in place, imagine a whirlpool at the bottom of your shield, allowing yourself to release anything you may have taken on from others already. Run the drain until it runs clear. Then release any of your own difficult or negative emotions. Feel it just like a whirlpool of water draining, rinsing through you and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.
  20. Allow yourself a moment to bask in the feeling of clarity and safety that surrounds you. Remember that you need and deserve this. Having our own boundaries is the best thing we can do for everyone around us.
  21. Tell both layers of your shield to stay up for as long as possible.
  22. Pay attention to when you have moments of irritability or ‘big feelings’ that can signal you’re hijacked by entities again, or taking stuff on from people in your life.
  23. Reshield frequently and diligently. This is just part of our life.
  24. I know you’re tired, I know you’re frustrated, but you’re a warrior, and you’ve got this. <3

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