Do you feel a call or an interest in learning to practice shamanic arts, whether for your own healing, or to help others? Are you ready to dig in to a rigorous, demanding path of personal growth that will help you unfold your own innate gifts? Are you prepared to truly be of service to the world, and to stand in your power and wield it responsibly, even if that scares the crap out of you right now? Can you commit to the consistent time, money, and energy this kind of training will take, having no idea how you will be driven by your own capacity and the will of the spirits?

These are not rhetorical questions. The Balanzu Way is not for the faint of heart.

redjaguarIf you are called to intensity and depth, to true, meaningful change that transforms every aspect of your life, this may be the path for you. If you’re interested in a weekend retreat or a one-hour webinar where you can get “certified” as a shaman, we are not the way for you.

We see the model of apprenticeship in the old way, which takes time, and investment, and which we believe (and our clients affirm) creates exceptional healing professionals trained at every level. Consequently, we as teachers are also highly selective of accepting apprentices, as training each individual is also an investment of time and energy for us. In the end, we don’t even make the final decisions. The spirit beings that guide our tradition choose each person who is accepted as an apprentice of the Balanzu Way.

If you’re interested in apprenticeship work, check out more about the Balanzu Way, and browse the bios of some of my working apprentices and colleagues in the tradition. Read Why I’m Not a Shaman, and Neither are You, meditate and open your heart to spirit and see if the call is there. If it is, then call me! Blessings on your journey…

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