I love working with clients, and I also love supporting my amazing apprentices and colleagues in their work. All of us in the Balanzu Way are committed to fostering collective ways of supporting everyone’s wellness–yours, ours, each other’s.

We understand that the commitment of money to this work can be challenging for lots of folks, and we want to make sure our form of healing is accessible and affordable to all, while also making sure we can support ourselves with what we need. Consequently, our tradition is set up so that you can access practitioners at every level of expertise and at varying rates to support both your wellness and your budget. We all also offer up to a $20 sliding scale for low income folks in addition to our varying rates.

Jai Medina $120/hr

Moss Kane $80/1.5 hrs

Fey Wolf $80/1.5 hrs

Ajna Weaver $80/1.5 hrs

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