Practitioner Fees

Master Practitioner Level
Beyond Seventh Gateway: $100-120/hr

Teacher Level
Seventh Gateway: $100 for a 1.5 hr session.
Sixth Gateway: $90 for a 1.5 hr session.

Practitioner Level
Fifth Gateway: $75 for a 1.5 hr session.
Fourth Gateway: $60 for a 1.5 hr session.

Apprentice Level
Third Gateway: Apprentices see clients in student clinic only. There may be a small sliding scale fee associated with their work.
Second Gateway practitioners only work professionally if they are offering another primary modality.

It’s important to us that everyone be able to access care if they need it. Consequently, every practitioner of the Balanzu Way offers a sliding scale for low-income individuals, and will generally slide $20 down per session. If you’d like to access the scale, please talk to your practitioner before your appointment.

These are general fee guidelines, but practitioners who are offering other modalities may have different fee scales than those who are solely offering the Balanzu Way. Please check pricing with individual practitioners.

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