From Left: Mishra Clark, Charlie Gailleann, Giles Charle, Jai Medina, Larissa Kaul, and Melissa Bennett at the 2016 Naraya, a Shoshone-based Native “Dance for All Peoples”

Charlie Gailleann is a Master level Balanzu Way practitioner and teacher in Portland, OR, who currently holds an M.A. in clinical psychology and is a graduate student working towards their Psy.D. Her areas of specialty are working with people who have experienced trauma (particularly sexual abuse), relational issues, identity issues, depression or grief, as well as those who identify within the LGBTIQ+ community.  Charlie enjoys working with healers, empaths, and those experiencing a psychic or spiritual awakening; they are particularly gifted at rebalancing energy and removing spirit attachments. See more about them at

Larissa Kaul is a Master level practitioner in Portland, OR, with an M.A. in counseling psychology from Lewis and Clark College. Larissa is skilled at working with the intersection of physical and emotional trauma, and seeing deep into the psyche to shift old patterns into healing. They work with intensity, depth, and fierce compassion for their clients. Larissa is active and enjoys working in their LGBTQI2 and POC communities. See more at

Giles Charlé is a Sixth Gateway Balanzu Way practitioner and teacher in Portland, OR, with an M.A. in Conflict Transformation; he is also Jai’s partner. Jai and Giles often work and teach as a team, and share responsibility for holding the tradition of the Balanzu Way together. Giles has a unique background in conflict resolution, co-counseling, and has been practicing energywork for almost a decade. He specializes in men’s work, journeying, soul retrieval, and engaging with spirit from an anti-oppression lens. See more about Giles and his work at, or reach him directly at 503-852-1025.

Lauren Carambot is a Sixth Gateway practitioner in Portland, OR. A lifelong medium, Lauren specializes in channeling, grief and pain healing, attachment and entity clearing and life movement counseling. She offers assistance with the spirits of loved ones to bring peace to the living. Lauren also brings energies of the earth into her practice through hand-crafting flower essences and sacred jewelry for her clients. As a mother of four, Lauren offers services to sensitive children as well as adults. See more about her work at

Audrie Henry is a Fourth Gateway practitioner in San Antonio, TX. She is a powerful priestess with a successful business as a wedding officiant and life coach, and many years of experience as a reiki practitioner. She is currently enfolding her work with the Balanzu Way into her spiritual counseling and healing sessions. Audrie specializes in offering ceremonies, relationship and parenting counseling, speaking engagements, and of course, energywork sessions. See more about Audrie and her work at

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