Spiritual Community


TRiBE is a spiritual community that honors our kinship with the earth and with each other.

Our mission is to reweave the hoop of ancestral and indigenous wisdom for a modern world. We Gather to learn and grow together, and to celebrate the changing of the seasons and our lives.

We honor the wisdom, diversity, and truth of our unique spiritual paths, as we join together in our common humanity. This is the meaning of the little ‘i’ that stands out within the TRiBE—individuality within community.

We also honor all First Nations and Native American tribes whose land we stand upon; we support the political rights and spiritual practices of all indigenous peoples.

Our Gatherings draw on the rich traditions of each of our own ancestral ways, while grounded in the shared earth-based animism that forms the core of humanity’s roots.

Our work is truly that of rewilding the human soul: finding new ways to live ancient tribal principles, through spirituality, creativity, sustainability, and community.

  • Through spirituality, we reattune ourselves to the movement of the sun and moon, and bond through ritual, healing, and rites of passage.
  • Through creativity, we enrich our lives with dance, art, music, play, and with the creation of neomyths that speak to a modern era.
  • Through sustainability, we heal ourselves and the earth by embodying ecological practices and lifestyle choices that reflect a tribal sensibility.
  • And through community, we join together in “aya’a”, in deep kinship with all beings, honoring our interdependence through cycles of giving and receiving.

Whether we live together on land, separately in a city, or across the world—whoever you are, wherever you come from, welcome home. We Are TRiBE!

If you’re interested in checking out or becoming part of our TRiBE community, whether you want to do work with me or not, please let me know! We are open to other kindred souls seeking community on this path. We currently facilitate monthly socially-distanced outdoor Gatherings, a cooperative farm space, an email list to stay connected from afar, and other opportunities to be in relationship with folks (while maintaining Covid boundaries) during these crazy times.

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