Survival Skills for Sensitive People: Workshop Series

I generally teach each of these workshops once a year in a regular sequence. These classes are separate from the Balanzu Way, and offer foundational skills for all people. As a sensitive and intuitive person, these skills changed my life, and I’ve watched them change the lives of all my clients and students in powerful and profound ways. I teach them because I had to learn them the hard way, and I want it to be easier for everyone else! Learn them and teach them to everyone you know! These workshops are generally 2-3 hours, $20-30, and often happen at New Renaissance Bookstore, in Portland, OR. 503.224.4929, For updated information on my classes, see my Facebook page, and follow it to be notified of upcoming events.

Shielding 101

Are you a sensitive, empathic person who finds yourself influenced by the emotions or energies of others? Do large groups of people, or even certain negative people in your life leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed? Step one in learning how to survive—and thrive—as a sensitive person is to learn to protect and cleanse yourself energetically through shielding. This will, in turn, allow you to open more to your psychic gifts.

In this class, you’ll learn easy, practical techniques to help you create a basic shield that can keep out the negative stuff and allow in the good. We’ll discuss reasons, ways, and times one might shield, as well as different methods for cleansing when you’ve taken on too much. Come learn some invaluable tools that will last you a lifetime, and help give you a refuge of peace and sanity in our chaotic world.

Shielding 201

In Shielding 201, we’ll expand beyond the basic shield into more advanced practices. These are especially useful for folks who more often feel the presence of spirits/entities, or who are in health care fields regularly encountering the intense energies of other humans, beyond the norm. We can workshop particular issues people are having with their shields, compare notes, and practice new techniques, like using multiple layers, more complex creations, spinning, and shielding spaces as well as the self. It’s useful for folks to do Shielding 101 first, but not absolutely required if you can keep up.

Cord-Cutting and Management: Defining Healthy Boundaries with Difficult People

Have you ever struggled with dysfunctional,cutting-ties-that-bind1 co-dependent, or difficult relationships with family, friends, exes, or current lovers? Find yourself getting pulled into other people’s drama, or thinking about someone and their problems a lot? We tend to have energetic ties to those we have intense connections with, even years after we don’t consciously want them. These ties can drain our energy and prevent us from moving forward with healthier relationships. It’s also important to learn how to maintain our current cords with people we want to stay connected to, to keep ourselves from being flooded or overwhelmed with the emotions of those we’re close to.

Learn to energetically cut the cords that no longer serve you, and how to manage the ones that do. With lots of experiential practice, this workshop will help you take back control of your energy body, and teach you how to invite conscious, loving connection into your life.

Ghost-busting & House Protection

Our home should be our sanctuary, but sometimes we deal with unexplainable feelings or things that go bump in the night, that can take a toll on our sleep, sanity, and general functioning. Maybe it’s left-over energetic residue, the history of the house, or even a spirit or entity hanging around. Whatever the issue, in this class, I’ll teach you how to protect yourself and your space, so that you can take back your sense of peace and security in your home. We’ll go over effective strategies for clearing energy, how to shield a room or building to keep spirits (and other energies) out, and long-term methods of house protection, including working with crystal or stone ‘grids’.

Healing the Wounded Healer

Those of us who have empathic, intuitive, and caretaking abilities often come from dysfunctional backgrounds that taught us to attune to the needs of others, and to be strong for everyone around us. These abilities can be powerful skills, but they can also be places of our own wounding that need to be healed in order to truly be of service to others, in a healthy, sustainable way.

This workshop will be a safe space to discuss our issues with self-love/self-worth, and to practice some new energetic tools. Learn to further exercise healthy boundaries, communicate your needs and desires, and allow yourself compassion and care. Take a break! Take some time for you, and come join us.

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